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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 17, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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she is now a conglomerate with all those other children. and we've already put edward arthur's name down for a couple of shifts at cnn next year. >> oh, poor thing. give him some time. thank you, richard, for joining us. richard quest from london. and don't forget, you can connect with christine and ali on facebook and on twitter at ali velshi and at christine romans. hey, have a great weekend. all right. fighting over finances can wreck a relationship. this hour, we'll give you critical money tips for marriage and for divorce. and it's a supersized skateboard and an overdrive on the internet. why at 3:00 eastern time. then at 4:00, salsa and guacamole. popular restaurant favorites
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that could pose a serious health risk. the news unfolds live this saturday, july 17th. a bus carrying kids from a kansas church camp flipped over on interstate 35 near wellsville. one child was airlifted to the hospital, eight others were taken in ambulance. and the other children taken to franklin county sheriff's department to be reunited with their parents. and joining us right now by phone is franklin county sheriff jeff curry. all right, sheriff. give me an idea, how did this accident happen? >> we're not sure right now. the cause of the accidt, it appears something caused the bus to lose control and veer off to the left side of the roadway eventually rolling over on to its side. >> the children that are to be reunited with their families, clearly they're okay. but the other kids who sustained injuries. give me an idea of the extent of their injuries.
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>> well, i don't have a lot of information on the extent of their injuries right now. all we do know is that one child was transported by air ambulance to a children's hospital and eight others were transported by ground ambulance. right now we have 15 at the franklin county sheriff's office that are quickly being reunited with their parents. >> was this a school bus a city or county school bus? i think i see city on the side of the bus that was leased out to this private group? or was this a city or county school-related trip? >> well, this was a -- it was a private group. and i'm not exactly sure who -- whether they leased the bus or not. however, it was a private group that had children at the amazing grace baptist church camp here north of ottawa and franklin county. and they were transporting the children back to independence, missouri. >> how remote was this location the scene of this accident. how difficult was it to respond to? >> it actually was quite easy to
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respond to. it was on interstate 35 between really between the city of ottawa and the greater kansas city metropolitan area. so getting to the accident wasn't too hard. there was a little bit of problem with vehicles that were backed up on the interstate. because the bus did close off both lanes of the interstate when it rolled over on to its side. however, we were able to get out and organize that very quickly. and we didn't have any other accidents ensue because of this. >> excellent. out of kansas, jeff curry, thanks so much for your time. and we wish all the best to the kids as they are to be reunited with their families. and we're also wishing the best for those who are injured. all right. right now, we are at hour 47 of bp's original 48-hour test. and so far, so good. but bp says the pressure tests on its ruptured oil well may be extended. david mattingly has been following this story from the
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very beginning. what is the latest? >> reporter: well, fredericka, that 48-hour deadline is now out the window. they're going to see how this goes. and a lot of that has to do with the fact that the pressure that's building up there was not going up to what they originally thought it would. it's doing well. they're finding out this well is in good shape, no signs of any leaks so far, which is fantastic. they're continuing to do all sorts of seismic testing and other types of testing down below just to see if there's any oil seeping up or any escaping methane gas. but so far, none of that has happened, everything is going well, and they're just going to keep testing this well right now to see how it performs. so far, they've built up the amount of pressure of 6,745 pounds per square inch. now at one time they were talking about seeing if this well was going to go up to maybe 8,000 pounds per square inch. but now they've come to realize -- at least bp thinks because this well has been spewing out so much oil for so long that it's actually become
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depleted somewhat and now does not have the pressure it might have had at one time. so now they're looking at the pressure to continue just creeping up a couple of pounds per square inch every hour. and they're just going to keep watching that to see where it goes. they think it might end somewhere around 6,800, which would put us out in the max out range sometime in the next couple of days. but now they're throwing that 48-hour deadline out the window and are going to keep looking at, this keep the tests going, and keep making decisions as they go. >> all right, david mattingly, thanks so much from new orleans. appreciate that. right here in the studio with me, cnn producer vivian quo who has spent a lot of time studying this procedure, all that has been tested, tried out as it pertains to the oil leak. what's the best-case scenario that bp is hoping for. >> as david just explained, we're in a crucial part of the operation. there's a couple of scenarios. as you said, the best-case scenario would be that the well
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does have integrity and could be kept shut in. obviously that's the best case we're looking at because no oil is flowing into the gulf of mexico. and conceivably, it could remain that case up until bp has the first relief well completed. >> worst-case scenario? >> well, that's not so good. now, as david was explaining, they're trying to determine whether or not the well has any breaches in it. and if it has any leaks, it's decided the well does not have integrity, there could be a problem. they've got to open up the valves, start producing again the oil flowing into the gulf of mexico. >> okay. so the relief well is something that is still being constructed, but we're close, right? did i hear properly that they're just a matter of inches if not feet away from the final product? >> that's exactly it. they're in a very precision part of the drilling process. it's very slow. like you said, they're like measuring it by inches. they said they're 4 feet 8 inches away from the well.
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they're more than 17,800 feet below the surface. so they're measuring these little by little, doing extensive measuring operations just to see how farther from the original well. >> what's the time line again? >> the time line, they think maybe set the final casing next week, that basically means lay some pipe, cement it, intersection end of july. >> everyone's hoping that's going to work. but is there kind of a plan b, c, d -- i don't know what letter we should be on right now if this doesn't work. if that relief well doesn't do what people are hoping it will be? is it safe to say that there is another option out there or a plan that's already being revealed? >> you know what, there are some other options. national incident commander thad allen has implemented these plans in place. if the first relief well doesn't work, they've got a second relief well. so their well -- they've drilled pretty far into that process now. and if that doesn't work, they have two other contingency plans in place ready to implement. >> wow. vivian kuo, thanks so much, appreciate that. all right.
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well a man is facing a long list of charges, including arson. police say 48-year-old david witso drove a car full of explosives into a bank. witnesses saw him walking away as the car exploded. and he used the same materials found in fireworks. the bank was closed at the time and no one was injured. but they're still trying to figure out that motive here. and officials in hackensack, new jersey, call it a major tragedy averted. crews search the rubble of a partially collapsed parking garage this morning and found no victims. three floors of the garage collapsed on top of each other. this happened just yesterday, one person was believed trapped inside a crushed car, but that car was removed this morning and guess what? it turned out to be empty. marriage and money, a combination that can cause problems, especially during very tough economic times. we've got some tips for couples thinking about marriage, perhaps those are who rr married, and
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all right. wall street reform is now just one signature away from being law. the senate passed the bill by 60 to 39 vote. president obama is expected to sign it next week. and it could mean big changes in the way you actually spend money. just take a look. first off, cash will be key when you go shopping. stores will be allowed to require minimum purchases when you use plastic. and stores may offer discount for cash-paying customers. the new rules also slice into so-called swipe fees. they are the fees that banks charge merchants for credit-paying customers. fewer fees mean less revenue for banks, meaning fewer perks like free checking and cashback rewards. next up, loans. banks will really be checking to see if you can afford, especially on mortgages. you'll also have annual access to your credit score and not just your credit report.
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and taxpayer bailouts. president obama says the overhaul will make them a thing of the past. he says the bill gives uncle sam more tools to crack down on companies that could endanger the economy. breaking up is hard to do, especially in the troubled economy that we're all experiencing. in fact, some couples are actually delaying divorce or even choosing to stay married during these tough economic times. divorce rates fell in 2008. the first year of the recession from 17.5 to 16.9%. that's according to the national marriage project, a group that studies marriage trends. joining us right now is financial planner karen lee. so karen, money is usually at the root of, you know, marriages that are in trouble. which is why people need to talk about that money thing before they get married, right? >> they absolutely do. and the reason simply said, that money is such a problem in divorce is that when people get married, they take their family
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income and they build a household based on that. the minute they get divorced, you're now trying to support two households on the same income. the money just doesn't go as far. >> so how do you kind of tackle this? i think money is also one of those things that people are a little uncomfortable talking about. they feel it's very private. and we're talking that stage before you even get married. how do you, you know, break the ice and say let's lay it all out there? how do we both approach money? saving, spending, all that. >> right. well, you're hitting right on some of what i wanted to say. i think if couples -- we're going to talk about today if you're about to get married, if you're already married or sadly contemplating divorce. if you're looking at getting married -- >> mm-hmm. >> i would recommend full financial disclosure. >> pull out the credit recorpor. >> i can't tell you how many couples -- >> i think people are thinking, gosh, am i being suspicious now? >> maybe that's true. what i have found, though, is couples that get married, they
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don't realize the credit cards, the student loan debts. so instead, they feel like their spouse wasn't honest with them. so the first thing would be full financial disclosure about your current finances. and then, yeah, what about a discussion about how you were raised in relationship to money. and that could lead into a discussion on your views. >> come from a spendthrifty family, frugal. >> how do you feel about spending and debt? >> do opposites attract? >> as in love, you do end up marrying often someone with a very different background and possibly a different relationship with money. one more thing i wanted to add. if you're thinking of getting married is consider a prenuptial agreement. >> no matter what your wealth or lack thereof? >> no, either coming into the marriage with assets or a second or third marriage which has a higher percentage of divorce. >> so that whole prenup thing. thinking, oh, you don't trust me, you don't love me. but what are these protections
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in case we split? aren't we supposed to be going into this saying we're married forever. >> things are different these days. people are getting married much later in life and second and third marriages. it's a little different than it was in the good old days. >> so now, say you haven't done all those things, you're married. >> you're married. >> money problems, something's going on. or there's some other problems and you want a divorce. >> let's talk first about -- if things are solid. if things are good in your marriage and you just want to -- what should you be doing as a married couple? number one, i'd like to see people make their financial decisions together. instead of where we normally have one person who is in charge of the money. of course my first point would be if it's possible, live on as low of an income is possible, and that helps in a job loss let alone a divorce. but i love to have couples plan for the future together so they can both be engaged in not just making this marriage work, but having a long-term plan with each other. >> so saying, whether it's talking about trips you want to
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take or property you want to one day -- >> retire -- where do you want to send your kids to college? and if you do think you're going to have a substantial inheritance coming, you might want to talk to the parents to send that into trust just to make sure it doesn't get mixed up in the marital assets. >> when they marry, what happens to that trust? >> we see that these days. we see a lot of older parents saying i want to leave money to my children when they get married, be iut i'm a little concerned about my daughter-in-law or son-in-law and i want to make sure the money stays with my child. so the trust can work that out. >> that's fascinating. can we talk about the trouble in paradise now? >> let's talk about divorce. literally one of the most financial devastating thing that can happen to people. the first tip, go to any length to work it out. seek counseling, do everything you can. >> share the home. stay together even if -- >> i'm not going to play
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psychologist, but i can tell you in this economic environment, it's probably a consideration. seek financial advice in addition to legal advice. don't just talk to a lawyer. go see a financial planner. >> what are you asking? >> what budget am i going to be able to live on? and then get ready and be realistic for a lower lifestyle than you probably were accustomed to. >> whether there are kids involved or not. >> unfortunately, if you're going to get a divorce, if there's less income to go around, yes. >> less income to go around, but then divorce itself, the legal proceeding can be incredibly expensive, right? >> incredibly costly. so the last thing i would say on that is make sure you are logical versus emotional and take this as really try to figure out how you're going to make it work. and yeah, you might be going from living in a house to living in an apartment. >> when we say expensive, are we talking thousands? >> it depends. >> or ten thousands? >> it depends. you can probably for about $2,500 retainer have a divorce. if it's uncontested, you could
2:19 pm
not use lawyers and mediate it yourself. >> and that's going to be the cheapest route. >> but if there's a lot of money involved -- >> boy, you know, i'm trying. trying to help folks out. find the lower end of the scale of the money doled out, but i guess not. that's the bottom line. well, we've got lots of questions that have come from folks from facebook, blog, et cetera. we're going to post those to karen lee. free advice, financial advice, whether you're married, thinking about getting married, or if you've got to go to splitsville. money advice coming after this. . [ male announcer ] only rogaine is proven to regrow hair in 85% of guys. puhh puhh puhh putt and that's it. [ male announcer ] stop losing. start gaining.
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a look at our top stories right now. a bus carrying a group of
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children from church camp rolled over this morning in kansas. it happened on interstate 35 near wellsville. one child was taken to a hospital by air ambulance, eight others by ground ambulances. and on day 89 of the gulf oil disaster, cautious optimism. there are no signs of any new leaks two days after the oil stopped gushing. bp is continuing its so-called integrity test on the new containment cap. and this is just past the 48-hour deadline that they had set earlier. president barack obama and his family are in maine this weekend for a brief vacation. republicans are criticizing the get away saying mr. obama should not take time off during this gulf oil disaster. democrats call the criticism galling because of george bush's vacations away. we're back right now with financial planner karen lee. and we've got some of your questions that you've been submitting online mostly as it
2:24 pm
pertains to finances before you get married, when you're married, and if, you know, divorce happens to enter the equation. let's start with this one from christopher. and he says can you have a healthy relationship if you sign a prenuptial agreement? you kind of alluded to this earlier. >> i think absolutely. i think that the basis of whether or not a relationship is going to work has nothing to do with a legal document or not. now, i will say that i've certainly told some friends of mine that if they're going to ask for that that you might pass the blame and say my financial adviser told me i needed to do this. but remember, with people getting married in later in life and they've already been on their own with their own income and their own stuff. it really shouldn't be a deal breaker to sign a prenup. >> yeah, maybe even expected these days, right? >> i think we're in a different time than it used to be and it shouldn't be a big surprise. >> yeah, used to be associated with distrust. really, now, it's protection. >> it really is. it really is.
2:25 pm
>> okay. and this one from steve saying my parents want to leave me some money. should they do it in 2010 before the estate taxes go up? interesting. >> that's a great question. but it's only going to make a difference if they die in 2010. >> they leave you some money if they -- >> if they know they're dying, do it quick because there is no estate tax. but he's talking about i'm assuming gifting. and the gifting rules have not changed from 2009 to 2010, parents can leave or you can leave anyone $13,000 each -- so each parent can leave the child $26,000, they can leave the child's spouse $26,000, the child's kids $26,000. so you can get a lot of money -- >> it's not taxed on that gift. >> they don't have a gift tax, and the children aren't taxed either. >> interesting, hmm. that's really good to keep in mind when it pertains to college tuition. the grandparent may want to gift some money. >> there's a special provision with 529 plans, perfect for grandparents, but anybody can do
2:26 pm
this. five years fast gifting all in one year. so take your $13,000 multiply by five, you can't gift again for five more years, but that's something great. >> helps that first year. what investment strategies would you recommend a young professional take in a roth i.r.a.? >> well, i'll fall back on my traditional asset allegation strategy with annual rebalancing. depending on how young, i'm assuming they're talking 25, 30, 35, i'd say just a higher percentage in stocks, then bonds, maybe 80% stock, 20% bond. don't forget to have a full asset allegation. small cap media and large cap and all different types of bonds, as well. might have some real estate and precious metals. do that annual rebalancing, put it in, and let it go. that's great. congratulations to him for starting a roth. that's a great deal. >> that's excellent. any last-minute advice for those
2:27 pm
who are considering marriage who are married or may be considering divorce, anything they need to know about the finances? >> i think the main thing is talk about money. this is something that couples before marriage, during marriage don't ever keep -- a lot of people it's a bone of contention, they fight about it. get it out on the table. and if you can't, the two of you really talk well, go get a third person. and it could be a financial adviser, could be a therapist. talk about money. >> why are people so afraid to talk about money even when you're married? >> it's a have taboo subject in this country. and it's something we need to open up and make it more public. >> it's super, super personal, isn't it? karen lee, thanks so much, financial adviser. always good to have you. appreciate that. and thanks for those of you at home who brought in great questions to cope the conversation going. appreciate that. well, did you know that most bp gas stations are not actually owned independently by bp? so when you drive past that bp gas station in protest, you're
2:28 pm
not squeezing the corporate giant, by the way. most likely a small business owner. i actually talked to one small business owner of a bp station who wants you to hear his words when we come back. ♪ [ deb ] people don't just come to ge capital for money. they come to us for help. at ge capital, we've been financing taylor guitars for over eight years, helping them build a strong dealer network. bringing music to people... i like that. ♪ ♪
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crybaby. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. day 89 of the gulf oil disaster. and this is the last hour of an important test that bp's new containment cap. so far so good.
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but bp says it may extend the tests to gather more data. bp says its relief well is just 5 feet from the ruptured well and could be in place by the end of this month. so for almost three months now, we've watched this disaster unfold. it's a huge public relations nightmare to say the very least, not just for bp but also for the independent owners of bp gas stations. shazaad is one of these independent owners and he has a station. how difficult has the past three months been for you? >> it has been very difficult for us because not only customers are boycotting our gas stations, but they are protesting, as well. and they are putting signs, some of my fellow dealers have seen vandalism and harassment. >> how long have you owned a gas station in the nation's capital? bp? >> the last 11 years. >> and in the 11 years, have you
2:32 pm
ever had the kind of wrinkle or drop-off in business like you're experiencing now? >> no, not at all, never. >> so you know it has to do with the gulf oil. that you're sold on, correct? >> that is correct, yes. >> so what kind of options do you have? what can you do to either tell customers about you're experiencing to try to regain the business or what can you do to kind of offset the drop-off in business? >> as a small business owner, you know, i have a very limited resources. but what i have done as an individual that i'm actually selling at my cost right now just in order to stay in business. >> so you're not making a profit? >> that is correct. >> when you do sell. >> not on gas. but from bp we have not heard anything so far. we were not offered any options. so we are still waiting on that. >> do you say anything to customers? do you put a sign out? anything to tell your, you know, old customers or maybe new customers potentially what
2:33 pm
you're going through and why you need their business and that, you know, you're in a tough situation because of the large company, bp's, mistakes? >> yes, we, in fact, have received some signs from bp similar to what you're looking at right now. and we posted that on our pumps, but the problem is only those customers can see those signs once they pull in. >> once they pull in. got it. >> other than that, whoever comes in, we try to talk to them and explain to them that -- especially in d.c. it is against the law for major oil companies to own and operate the gas stations. therefore all the sites are owned and operated by the people within their own community. and, you know, people working for us are local residents. when they boycott us, basically they're hurting their own community. >> and so you feel for the most part all the other bp gas station owners in the m
2:34 pm
metropolitan area are experiencing the same thing you are. >> that's exactly right. >> i wonder in some cities, i understand even in detroit, michigan, might be one location where some bp independent bp gas station owners have decided to choose a new brand. sunoco is one that some have turned to. is it a contractual thing that. is that something you would consider? but if only there was a window, perhaps, in your contract with bp? or how does it work? >> i wish it was an option for us. unfortunately, we are -- we have a contract with bp for 15 years to -- >> 15 years? >> of which five years have passed. so i have ten more years. all of our stations were amaco's before bp bought them.
2:35 pm
amaco had much better reputation and recognition among our customers. and i wonder bp if they could at least bring that name back to us. >> before i let you go, shahzad, i wonder, what do you suppose the next ten years will be like? are you concerned? do you think you'll stay in business? do you think it'll be difficult for a little bit longer before things might pick up for you again in the remaining ten years that you are contracted with bp? >> you're right. if situations stay the same as it is. you lose the trust of your customers, it takes a long time to get them back. >> okay. >> so the only thing i can hope is that bp will do something better for their dealers, as well, because we are their front line. we are the one who are facing customers. so i hope they will give us some better options to, you know, fight against that. >> thanks so much. an independent owner of bp gas station in washington, d.c.
2:36 pm
we wish you the best because we know that it's very difficult at the very least for many small business owners across the country no matter what is being sold. thanks so much for your time. >> thank you for having me. straight ahead, one congresswoman says it's time for a major change in the u.s. military. she wants to change the rules on women in combat so they can get promoted faster. enjoy yoplait whips two delicious ways. in the fridge it's a light and fluffy mousse... ...but put it in the freezer... and... ...voila! yoplait whips becomes a luscious frozen treat. yoplait whips, it is so good.
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a look at our top stories right now. more deadly violence in mexico near the u.s. border. it started with a car bomb attack that killed four people in ciudad, juarez. mexican police say most of the victims are gang members, but two civilians and one soldier were also killed. and five nato troops have been killed in scattered incidents in afghanistan in the past 48 hours. three were killed today including one american and one british soldier in the eastern part of the country. a britain and american were
2:40 pm
killed in an ied attack yesterday and more than 100 coalition troops have died. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is headed for an international conference on the war. it begins in kabul on tuesday, after that, clinton is scheduled to visit south korea and vietnam. the u.s. is around 100,000 troops in afghanistan, including women serving in critical support roles. women cannot serve in combat, a fact one congresswoman thinks is ridiculous. cnn pentagon correspondent chris lawrence has more. >> a california congresswoman says if women were allowed into the infantry and other combat jobs, it would open up more promotions and better prepare them for the attacks and ambushes they're already facing in the war zones. >> they don't get enough of that training. they don't get enough of that time. >> reporter: but the army says all soldiers deployed to iraq and afghanistan get some
2:41 pm
combat-specific training, such as convoy live fire exercises, reaction to ambush, weapons training, combat and life saving training and other skills. and when i was in afghanistan, i spoke with some women who were part of female engagement teams. they walk foot patrols outside the wire and do get additional training. >> we do this one drill where we have all of our gear on, like a full combat load. and we do a whole bunch of push-ups and then sprint and then try to shoot so we understand what it's like to shoot under pressure. >> sanchez says in the civilian world, there's a reason human resources supervisors don't become ceos, but sales executives do. they're directly involved in what that business does. >> with respect to our military, it's to fight wars. it is combat. >> reporter: sanchez recently met with a young male officer she nominated for west point eight years ago, he's about to become a major. >> how has he gotten promoted so quickly? he's done three or four tours already in iraq. and he said to me,
2:42 pm
congresswoman, it's where the battle is, it's where you get promoted, it's where you get to move up. where are the bulk of the four-star generals coming out of? where do the petraeuses come from? the mcchrystals? these type of people. of course, they come out of the battle. >> women make up 14% of the military, but only 7% of the generals and admirals. an army general ann dunnwitty is the first and only four-star. on the other hand, the first female officer starts submarine school this fall. and more than 90% of its jobs are open to women. "their service is steeped in tradition and continues today in greater numbers and with greater positive influence than any time in our nation's history." right now the army is in the middle of a review to see who se is eligible for all. those results will be done by the end of the year, and they could shed a completely new light on this issue. chris lawrence, cnn, the
2:43 pm
pentagon. in the meantime, americans, they love their cars. i'm one of them. one great great granny is no exception. her car has a v-8 engine with enough miles on it to reach the moon and back. imagine looking at a billboard and getting a custom advertisement based on your eyes. sounds like a scene out of the movie, right? well, it's not. it is today's "edge of discovery." >> reporter: in the world of advertising, you look at the ads. but soon, they'll be watching you. it's a future imagine in the "minority report." they customize ads for his character. >> you could use a guinness right about now. >> reporter: that future is now. this billboard sees you, scans
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your face, then pulls up an ad you'll like. here's how this works. when you walk up to the ad, a camera captures your image, the computer figures out if you're a man or woman and your age. meanwhile, an age and gender-specific ad rolls. this shows that i'm in my 30s and i'll like seasonal pasta. the computer determines how interested you are, how long you stay. that data is recorded for the company. the facial recognition technology is accurate to within ten years of your actual age. and the next gen system they're testing out is even more age accurate. this is a new age of advertising, she says, we can learn something we never knew from marketing. the new ads give realtime reactions to street signs. so marketing can be more targeted and more effective. nec believes the use of this technology in advertising is just the next step. cnn, tokyo. one word turns innovative design
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into revolutionary performance. one word makes the difference between defining the mission and accomplishing the mission. one word makes the difference in defending our nation and the cause of freedom. how... is the word that makes all the difference.
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all right. we've got an unusual report to hand over to you. by way of bonnie schneider, a tornado in puerto rico. >> that's right, we're getting reports of at least seven people injured. now, this part of puerto rico. it's a coastal city on the western side of puerto rico. so we're getting a lot of c convection through much of the caribbean. i know it's been quiet so far this season, we've only had one named storm. but remember, we're coming into that second half of july and things are going to get a lot more active. and a tornado in puerto rico, that's another indication of a lot of activity we're expecting with these thunderstorms firing up throughout the day. speaking of severe weather, look what's happening in minnesota right now. we have a tornado warning just to the north and west of st. cloud, minnesota. this tornado warning will go for the next 20 minutes, and you can see a strong cell right here in central minnesota, a watch for the entire region, including most of minneapolis will be in effect through 9:00 tonight. now, that's one side of the coin when we're talking about weather today.
2:49 pm
the other is the extreme heat. and talking about the heat, it's really interesting because we don't typically see so much heat across the country so widespread. i know it's july and it's hot, but we have heat advisory for parts of new york, new jersey, all the way through much of iowa, down through dallas, texas, into oklahoma, st. louis, memphis, and then back to the west, excessive heat warnings in effect for cities like phoenix and even the ventura valley area of california. just into the valleys around l.a. you can see the current temperature in las vegas right now is 98 degrees. it's 95 in phoenix, it feels even hotter. these heat advisories coast to coast will stay in effect not only today, but also for tomorrow. hazy, hot, and humid. philadelphia will feel like the triple digits and that heat is not going anywhere. it'll be hot all weekend long. >> it's just going to hang there, right? >> yes. >> all week. appreciate that. ♪ i dream the dream
2:50 pm
♪ when hope was mine worth living ♪ >> you know her sound, you know her look. she's from "britain's got talent." the singing sensation susan boyle right there. well, now she wants to give back. the scottish-born singer is holding her own competition on her youtube page. and you can win a chance to sing a duet with boyle on her next album by entering a video of singing yourself, just like that. there's more about susan's search on her website. that address is and something else we're talking about around the water cooler. this incredible ride right here. a great-great grandmother is showing off her ride. it's a 1934 comet still running with more than 562,000 miles on it. that is enough, those miles, to go to the moon and back. there she is showing it, getting behind the wheel of her ride. one reason for the 46-year-old
2:51 pm
car's longevity, she says, tlc. from its 91-year-old owner, rachel veach of milwaukee, wisconsin. the car has actually outlasted her three marriages. >> she's never lied to me, never cheated on me, and i can always depend on her. and that's the truth. >> rachel veach, well, she says the fastest that she's ever gone in this car is 120 miles an hour. and overall, she's spent about $50,000 keeping the car running. and she gets lifetime warranties on everything, she says. which has meant among other things, free shocks and at least 18 free batteries. i love that. all right, josh. with me now, there's still more. we've got these cool stories all over the water cooler that we love. that's probably my favorite thus far. but maybe this one can top that. seven decades of the ups and downs of marriage gives you a whole lot of wisdom. i think everyone can agree on
2:52 pm
that. well, a pair of seniors has become an internet sensation. this couple shares tips for making a marriage last. dancing and having a lot of humor. and i don't know if they can top the ride of, you know, decades old. but that is an incredible journey. >> they've got a ride through life going. this couple, they're inspiring so many people right now. and when you see them, you can immediately understand what it is about them. listen to this. you can immediately see why they're gaining such a following here. this is barbara and harry cooper. she's 93, he's 98. they just celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary. they live in california. they're two of the oldest bloggers in the world. their blog is called the ogs, short for the original grandparents. barbara even tweets. this is her dancing for him
2:53 pm
after breakfast. it's so sweet. and one of the videos recently they wanted to share some songs he learned in hawaii when he was in the military. watch this. that was it. play it. ♪ heavenly flower >> they're falling in love with these guys. they have this blog. they've got thousands of fans on facebook. because they've lasted so long, they actually get asked for relationship advice. >> really? >> and one of the videos they have on their website, their granddaughter read them a note from someone complaining their husband is being lazy and refusing to work. and here's the grandmother's advice. >> oh. >> you think she can talk him into it? >> definitely. this is part of being married. if you wanted to marry, he should stay home and let his parents take care of him.
2:54 pm
>> good point. >> sometimes you've got to listen to her a few times. but she's saying, hey, he ought to be home with his parents if he's not going to be a worker. i was able to get them some questions through their granddaughter. i asked them what everyone was wanting to know. what's their secret to a lasting, successful marriage. here's what they said. >> compliments, patients, and time. >> she takes and i give. >> he drinks. >> and the kisses. >> they're so sweet. >> i love them. >> i love them too. i love the o.g.s. >> the original grandparents. >> i like it. thanks, o.g.s. all right. we'll have much more right after this.
2:55 pm
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-so you're thinking...? i agree. preferred. only meineke has options... and now 50% off brake pads and shoes. my money. my choice. my meineke.
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all right. collateral damage from the oil disaster. the financial fallout is forcing families to make tough choices.
2:58 pm
and in many cases, the family pet has become a luxury they simply cannot afford to keep. here's cnn's randi kaye. >> reporter: the old sheep dog has never seen a drop of oil, never even come close, yet she's homeless because of the spill. sheeba is one of hundreds of dogs and cats now living in louisiana animal shelters. their owners, mainly fishermen and other in the industry are out of work and can no longer afford to care for them. they have a choice. food on the table or the family pet. >> not only is this a postal disaster, it is an animal disaster on so many levels. >> reporter: ana zarilla -- >> think of the oiled birds and the oiled turtles, they don't think of the family pet. >> exactly. i think these are the unseen victims right now in this disaster. >> reporter: unseen no longer.
2:59 pm
their faces irresistible, their eyes pleading. their soft wimpers heart breaking. and they just keep coming. so many dogs and cats, shelters are turning to foster homes to house them. >> hi. >> reporter: ana says the spca is even sending some pets to shelters in other states. there just aren't enough cages in louisiana. in june of last year, that's 110 more dogs this year than last year. and the spca says it is definitely a result of the spill. if you look at this dog right here, this is champ. take a look at this paperwork. it says he was surrendered, owner incapable of caring for. same story for this little pup. her name is panda. she's a


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